Facts on Electric Cars

According to the Canadian National Campaign for Electric Vehicles, energy and fuel costs of electric cars are 90 percent less than energy and fuel costs of gasoline-powered cars. Electric vehicles also have quieter engines than cars with internal-combustion engines. Unlike

Careers With a Natural Science Degree

Natural science degrees incorporate coursework from a variety of different scientific disciplines, including chemistry, astronomy, physics and biology. While a specific degree in a scientific discipline prepares students for a more specialized career track, a broad degree in natural science

Information Technology Jobs in the Music Industry

The ways in which music is produced and marketed have changed significantly as technology has advanced, and many music careers now involve information technology. The broad category of information technology consists of any job in which technology is used to

Schools That Offer a Music Technology Degree in the US

A music technology degree prepares you to work in recording studios or in the television and radio industries. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2010 predicted an average eight percent growth of the need for technicians in these fields

The Three Levels of Natural Science

Natural science is an umbrella term used to describe several subareas in science, including any that concern matter, energy and how these react and transform with each other. In colleges across the United States, natural science departments are often structured

How to Undelete a Deleted Flip Video

Flip video cameras save video clips in specific video files. Because of this, if you’ve accidentally deleted a video from your Flip video camera, you can get it back. All you have to do is recover the files you deleted.

How to Become an Ecological Guru in The Sims 2

Getting to the top of the Natural Science career track isn’t easy. It requires a lot of studying, long hours, lots of contacts and a great love for the natural world. If you think your Sim is up to it,

Advantages & Disadvantages of Electric Cars

The time is coming for the long-awaited, efficient all-electric car. The technology is improving rapidly and, according to some manufacturers, consumers soon will have several models to choose from. Electric cars have several advantages over gasoline-powered cars. Still, if electric

How to Connect a Laptop to a Smart TV

Smart televisions are designed to be one-stop shops for entertainment, bringing you streaming video, cable connections, and other multimedia without the need for a box or attachment. However, you can still connect your laptop to a smart TV if you’d

How to Wire an Opcom 47546 Security Camera

Home security and the safety of their families are top priorities for many home owners. The Opcom 47546 security camera is a heavy-duty waterproof model that you can install to monitor your home both inside and out. You can even

Physical Vs. Natural Science

Science is a way to organize knowledge and understanding about the world. From the beginning, science was closely linked to philosophy and the aim was to find reliable and logical explanations to things that were observed or predicted. Today, science

How to Connect a TV to Netflix

If you want to watch Netflix on your TV set, there’s a chance you already have the hardware necessary to do it. Netflix’s streaming app is available for Smart TVs, Smart Blu-ray players, gaming consoles, set-top boxes and computers. Most

How to Waterproof a Camera

Those underwater shots of coral reefs and close-up action pictures of the kids on the water slide will not happen without a waterproof camera. You can buy the latest waterproof model, but there are other methods for protecting the camera

Music Technologies of the ’80s

Audio and music recording and reproduction technologies made a significant leap during the 1980s. White music recording methods from previous decades, which provided analog reproductions of the original sound, were still in wide use during this time, the ’80s also

How to Heat an Electric Car

Though celebrated for their cleaner, “greener,” improved efficiency, electric cars (EVs) also have drawbacks. One large problem is the difficulty these vehicles have in providing interior heat to passengers during cold weather. An EV’s power-hungry heater is fueled by the

How Has Digital Technology Affected Music?

The development of digital technology has drastically changed most types of pop music. Digital technology has made it easier and cheaper for people to record, to perform and to listen to music. Instruments In the ’80s, synthesizers characterized pop music.