Small Electronics Recycling

When referring to small electronics this includes such items like smart phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, tablets, television and computer accessories, GPS consoles, and video game consoles. The United States electronics recycling industry in 2011 processed three to four million tons of end-of-life and used small electronics equipment. More than seventy percent of these gadgets could have been recycled instead of thrown away. In these small electronics there were aluminum, copper, silver, plastic, gold, and steel that could have been recycled and used in new products. People who recycle these small electronics repair, resell, and refurbish functioning electronics as used products all over the world.

In some instances you can sell your old electronics like cell phones. These are frequently included in the buy-back programs from service providers and retailers. In addition, when your old device is still in good condition and you are just updating the cell phone you may be able to sell it to a second-hand retailer. You could also check out an electronics trade-in program that will give you store credit for used small electronics that are still in good condition. You could also give your children your old cell phone if you are upgrading to a new one. If you cannot sell your small electronics look for a electronics recycling place that will take them and recycle them correctly and safely.

The reason that you want to make sure that the recycling place you take your small electronics to recycles them correctly is that there are materials in these small electronics that cause harm to the environment if they are disposed of in landfills that are improperly lined. There are times that when you donate your small electronics that you can get a tax write-off for them but you will need to check the laws to find out for sure. Many times it will depend on where you donate your small electronics as to whether you can take a tax write-off or not. For example, if you donate to Goodwill, federal laws will alowl you to claim a tax write-off, or tax deduction, for any donated items to them. When donating your small electronics make sure that you ask for a receipt so you will have proof at tax time that you donated items to a particular organization.

When you are looking for a small electronics recycling place make sure that the place is certified, which shows that they know how to dispose of them safely and correctly. You need to remember that not all electronics recycling places follows environmentally safe recycling practices but when they are certified they are demonstrating that they meet the standards for practicing responsible recycling. When you have small electronics in good working condition donate instead of recycling.

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